Gurpreet is leading the team as Managing Director at Niteo Partners with focus on creating technology products and solutions for the pharmaceutical companies.

He has led numerous research projects answering key questions related to market access, pricing and reimbursement in pharmaceuticals and healthcare space. He has led teams to solve complex market access assignments helping clients understand market and policy landscape by conducting primary as well as secondary research. He is well connected within the pharmaceutical industry across different geographies and has conducted interviews with many Key Opinion Leaders as a part of primary research. Gurpreet holds an MBA as well as a M.Tech degree from prestigious institutions.

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Neil is working as an Senior Advisor for Niteo and is developing a series of multi-client training programs in market access.

Neil Grubert is a pharmaceutical market access specialist with 26 years of experience tracking the global prescription drug and self-medication markets. He has authored more than 150 reports on market access, covering 20 mature and emerging markets, multiple therapeutic areas, and numerous industry issues, including a recently published study on key market access trends in Europe. Neil is an experienced public speaker who has chaired events and delivered numerous presentations at conferences, seminars, webinars and training workshops, including bespoke programs commissioned by senior executives at top ten pharmaceutical companies.

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Vishesh is working with Niteo as Chief Technology Officer helping us expand our portfolio of machine learning products focusing in market access and pricing space.

Vishesh specializes in software architecture design and web/mobile based product development. Vishesh has close to 10 years of experience in both startups and Fortune 500 sized companies and has been involved in bringing multiple web/mobile products to the market. Vishesh received his Master’s in Computer Science from Northeastern University.

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Dr. Awhan is working with Niteo as Data Scientist. He has vast experience in exploratory and predictive analytics, algorithm development for real-time bidding, full stack software engineering, and Big Data GIS.

In his current role, Dr. Awhan is working on Natural Language Processing (NLP) based text analytics for improving market access within the pharmaceutical industry. Through deep learning algorithms, Dr. Awhan is creating an industry specific framework for automatic keyword and context phrases extraction, sentiment analysis, document retrieval and classification.

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Ashwin is working with us in the capacity of Technical Advisor helping us build a number of technology products.

He has a rich and diverse experience of 20 years as a technology and solution architect. He has played a pivotal role in creating the architecture and building software products and solutions in a number of start-up’s. His expertise is in a wide range of technology stacks, platforms, cloud solutions, and web and mobile apps development. Ashwin completed his education from College of Engineering Pune.

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