One Data View™

In the pharmaceutical sector, the data is usually collected from the state level agencies, stakeholder surveys, subjective observations and elaborate experimental studies. This data is used in

  • Analysing the impact of the evolving macroeconomics
  • Recommending new policy prescriptions and
  • Preparing for drug launches

Processing of data collected from various sources on a per-project basis has certain limitations like a) Devaluation of the derived data and b) Obstacles in deep analysis.

To overcome such difficulties and hindrances, the user-friendly online data management tools come to help. Backed by advanced electronic technology, these platforms:

  • Improve data quality
  • Reduce the time spent on developing analytics
  • Minimize dependence on common components
  • Empower data analysts to discover new trends and insights

Niteo brings you a first-in-class integrated data tool that promises to emerge as a one-stop portal for all your healthcare data needs. Here is a list of all that you can experience:

  • View, capture and share quantitative data in and out of your organisation
  • Addition of several brand new data sets each month
  • Import existing data sets through API level integration
  • Standardize, index and update data in real-time from multiple sources

The One Data View™ and the One Data Sync™ are our primary data tools, powered by our cloud infrastructure. The prominent features include:

  • On demand access to all your data in one place
  • Integrated view of thousands of public datasets
  • Fully automatic updating process to track and monitor changes to data-series
  • Easily exportable data into most standard formats
  • API level integration for all imported and exported data that allows for faster manipulation and visualizations through latest technologies and software applications.

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