Pricing Research

Pricing and reimbursement policies represent a trade-off between affordability of medicines and effective returns for companies operating in the therapeutic environment. Country profile studies are the key to assess policy outlook on pricing and reimbursement systems. Such studies contribute towards understanding of pricing and reimbursement regulations, their effect on product portfolios, and a company’s’ overall positioning in the marketplace. Pricing and reimbursement is a complex decision-making process. It involves assessment of stakeholder positioning in each therapeutic area and their drivers in the market environment. Additionally, it also involves a deep analysis of treatment pathways and insights into quality of care which guides pricing and reimbursement strategy. This type of research, commonly known as pricing landscape analysis, allows a company to understand price elasticity of demand for a product in a specific therapeutic area. This enables the development of a reference-pricing matrix to map out price levels of other drugs in a therapeutic area and set the correct price point for optimal profitability, and also to predict customer’s appraisal of the product. Moreover, it is becoming increasingly evident that stakeholders, especially payers, are also observing pricing and reimbursement decisions in other healthcare systems. These observations, which are both formal and informal, form the crux of international reference pricing and directly feed into pricing negotiations with companies. On the other hand, reimbursement strategy helps a company to adapt to sudden changes in government policies, or/and payer criteria. Reimbursement research serves to understand such changes across countries and the techniques used to get major coverage in a healthcare system. Payers play an important role in interpreting value of products and analyzing pricing methods as they can assess the reimbursement level that the company will have in a specific market. Our services include:

  • Price value mapping
  • Reimbursement issues to address in your value arguments
  • Treatment attributes that influence pricing, reimbursement, and access decisions
  • Understanding the policy landscape

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