Comprehensive Interviews: Expert Research

Interviewing is an integral part of any qualitative research procedure. At Niteo, we always aim at conducting in-depth and analytical interviews and in doing so, follow two basic principles: a) Identifying the right audience for the engagement and b) Following a pattern of interviewing that best brings out facts and insights.

Niteo boasts of being an expert in the recruitment and interviewing domain by virtue of its

  • Adherence to strict standards
  • Experience in forming new alliances
  • Exemplary client commitment
  • Potential for industry-based capabilities and
  • The willingness to make a difference

While in the process, we successfully reach out to the Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and collaborate with them with the help of our presence and investment in the network. It is therefore that, we are able to recruit and interview experts even in GCC and the emerging markets.

Here is what Niteo has been able to accomplish so far:

  • Implemented a Payer Advisory Board for a US based pharmaceutical company in Emerging Markets
  • Interviewed and recruited payers, prescribers, pharmacists, and wholesalers in the Middle East for a tiered pricing study
  • Interviewed and successfully recruited KOLs in China, India, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, and Ukraine
  • Executed group recruitment and interview process for a health outcome study in India

All this is backed by our access to Payer and KOL panels available for any research in more than 28 countries.

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