Want to be a market leader? Win those contracts and tenders? Want an early warning on major competitive activity in your market space? Stop competing only on the basis of price? Niteo Partners Consulting gives you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

It is extremely critical to understand the positioning of competitors at a strategic and tactical level. We do this through a range of competitive intelligence solutions. Our analytics, consulting and advisory offerings helps clients develop and leverage internal resources and capabilities, so as to effectively compete in the market and evolve out as a leader.

We provide comprehensive competitor information, insights and recommendations to our clients about their competitors’ performance, capabilities and plans. We do this through an integrated framework of primary and secondary intelligence research.

Our integrated framework knows as COREDGETM consist of five major approaches and services:

  • Assessment of Business Strategies (Strategic Mapping)
  • Assessment of Competitor Perceptions (Events and Activities Analysis)
  • Effectiveness of Current Operations (Operational Readiness Analysis)
  • Assessment of Competitor Capabilities (Competitive Mapping)
  • Defining Long Term Market Prospects (Insight Development)